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Photo by Frank C. Duarte Jr.
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Inside Delta's 747
photo by Ray Pettit
photo by AirNikon
photo by Frank C. Duarte Jr.
photo by Steve Brimley
photo by Martin Oertle 

photo by J Allen King
photo by Howard Chaloner 
photo by Mel Lawrence
photo by  Mel Lawrence
Delta's 747-132 Fleet  1970 - 1977
                        registration      delivered     -    withdrawn   
747-132   N9896    09/26/1970 - 09/16/1974 
747-132   N9897    10/22/1970 - 02/01/1977 
747-132   N9898    11/18/1970 - 03/11/1975 
747-132   N9899    09/30/1971 - 03/11/1977 
747-132   N9900    11/11/1971 - 04/26/1977 
Delta operated a fleet of five 372 seat Boeing 747s (fleet numbers 101-105) in service from 1970 to 1977. Configured with 58 First class seats and 304 Tourist seats, N9896 inaugurated 747 service on October 25, 1970 on the Atlanta-Dallas (Love Field)-Los Angeles route. Other routes included Chicago-Miami, Chicago-Atlanta, Los Angeles-Atlanta, Detroit-Atlanta, Jacksonville-Atlanta and Detroit-Miami. Delta also operated an interchange with Pan Am using Delta's 747's on Atlanta-London Heathrow and Atlanta-Frankfurt. Can you believe Delta flew to London Heathrow and with 747's!  It's true as shown in some of the pictures below.    
photo by George M
photos by Bob Garrard
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Captured a recent 747-400 trip on Virgin Atlantic from Orlando to Belfast. It's getting harder to fly on 747's and now they are all gone from US carriers. Checkout the trip and landing at a small airport with only one boarding bridge and ramp deplanning due to large aircraft.
Rare views from a Virgin Atlantic 747 Landing at Orlando International Airport. Scenes from both sides of the aircraft synchronized and edited together for a unique view of landing.
Delta's first and original 747-132
 is still around and you can visit it!

Check it out N9896 is now a water park!