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2002 unveiling
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Permanent display in museum(114)       31%  
Maintain in flight condition for events (air shows etc.)(108)29% 
Keep flying passengers regardless of cost(60)         16%
Sell for $$$(46)     12%  
Breakup in desert for parts(41)       11%  
 370 total votes 
Spirit of Delta Web Poll results:
What should be done to the Spirit of Delta after retirement?
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Hanger photos
On Dec. 15, 1982, Delta employees and friends gathered at the airline’s Technical Operations Center in Atlanta to present the company with its first Boeing 767 aircraft, Ship 102, christened “The Spirit of Delta.” At that time, the airline industry was troubled by a weak economy and high fuel prices. After 35 consecutive profitable years, Delta posted a net loss. As a way of expressing their appreciation for the company during a difficult time, Delta employees spearheaded Project 767 to raise $30 million to purchase the aircraft. The grassroots effort was led by three flight attendants and supported through combined donations from employees, retirees and friends.
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Delta Flight Museum revisited in May of 2018. 

See video inside of the first 747-400 now a museum display along with the interior of the "Spirit of Delta" which houses Delta memorabilia.

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