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TransAtlantic Airlines, based in New York, was preparing N723 in Victorville for its first flight since landing at Victorville in 2001. Ship 723 was the first former Delta L1011 being reactivated for revenue service across the Atlantic from New York's JFK International Airport. Plans included operating the L1011, re-registered to TransAtlantic airlines, from JFK to destinations in West Africa and within Africa.
Ground power was hooked up to 723 and she came back to life! Note the cockpit being powered up below.
The onboard elevators still work great and the lower gallery was in good shape. Notice the leg room at the coach bulk head that's near impossible to find on modern aircraft.
N723DA will be registered and operate with a 32F / 270Y configuration. The economy seats are shown without seat covers due to the storage of the aircraft prior to being prepared for reactiviation.
The automated cargo bins are seen below with the engine fairings from N723DA and rear bulk bin.
Overall ship 723 was in really good shape. Since the photos were taken, the number two engine has been mounted.
Check out the first class Menu found on board N723DA
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