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DC-3 and L1011 Museum
Delta ship 41 a completely refurbished DC3. Aircraft was owned and operated by Delta in the past. Aircraft was purchased from most recent operator in Caribbean and flown to United States where it was refurbished by Delta volunteers to near perfect condition.  Aircraft fly's on a regular basis to various aviation events and station visits.
DC-3 below is used as a trainer aircraft prior to pilots being checked out on the refurbished Delta DC3. The aircraft is seen here on a maintenance visit in Atlanta.
Refurbished Delta Travel Air
L1011 replica fuselage painted as Delta Airlines. Originally Delta bought this 65 foot section of an L1011 and refurbished it from nose to wing  from an aviation salvage yard. The fuselage is now part of the Delta Heritage Museum gift shop. Several years ago the fuselage as completely refurbished and moved to Florida's Disney-MGM Studios. The replica was used in commercials and movies including "Passenger 57." 
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Delta Flight Museum revisited in May of 2018. 

See video inside of the first 747-400 now a museum display along with the interior of the "Spirit of Delta" which houses Delta memorabilia.

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