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At the end of her long career with Delta, L1011 Ship 728 (The Delta Belle) was donated to The Flying Hospital.

The Flying Hospital is the largest fully equipped, self-contained airborne hospital ever built. The original Flying Hospital L1011-50 was built for PSA by Lockheed and now operates as the Flying Hospital.

Representing an innovative combination of international aviation experience and medical technology, The Flying Hospital is a wide-body three engine Lockheed L1011-50 which features: a three station surgical suite; a 12 bed pre/postoperative area; a dental/EENT suite; a pharmacy; and a classroom seating section for 67 medical professionals. The aircraft is also equipped with oxygen generation and water purification systems, satellite communications and an upgraded avionics suite.

The Flying Hospital provides free humanitarian medical and surgical care in developing and emerging countries. The Flying Hospital has successfully conducted trips to El Salvador, Panama, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia and India.

The following photos where taken On July 31, 2001 when the Flying Hospital sat along side ship 728 at the Technical Operations Center in Atlanta. 
Update : Operation BIessing commissioned The Flying Hospital, a specially equipped L1011 jet aircraft in 1996. Through September 2000 the aircraft provided facilities for world-class medical/surgical services to thousands of people in developing countries and disaster-stricken areas. In light of rising terrorist attacks and world conflict, it has been decided Operation Blessing will not use The Flying Hospital on further missions at this time. 
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