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photo by Ola Carlsson
photo by Patric Borg
photo by Magnus Viktorsson
photo by Snorre
photos by SamChuiPhotos.com 
Former ship 738
Sky Gate International Aviation owns one L1011-250 aircraft.
 JY-SGI is capable of a non-stop long-range flight (up to 10:30 flying hours) with 337 passenger seats in economy configuration (can also be re-configured to mixed-class with 30F / 265Y). The aircraft is FANS equipped and approved with 214,000 lbs / 97,272 kgs in fuel capacity.
Sky Gate International Aviation
Former Ship 767
Originally delivered to Air Canada May of 1981. Aircraft acquired by Delta April 1992 and flew as N767DA. Aircraft stored in Victorville April 2000 till February 2001 when it was bought by Hewa Bora Airways. 

Hewa Bora Airways - established in 1994, it was previously known as Congo Airlines, Zaire Airlines and Zaire Express. Democratic Republic of Congo
Former ship 735
Orginally delivered to Delta January of 1982 as N735D. Stored in Victorville June of 2001 and sold October 2003. Photographed here during brief operations with Orient Thai HS-UTG December 2003 till April 2004. May 2004 sold to Air Rum operating as 9L-LEU.
Former Ship 740

Originally delivered to Delta April of 1983 and registered as N740DA. Converted to L1011-250 April of 1987 and retired from Delta for storage in Victorville May 2001. Aircraft purchased by pictured owner and operator Air Universal January of 2002.
Air Rum is a charter carrier based in the Middle East. Air Rum has been growing is fleet of L1011's to total on five as of October 2004. Former ship N730DA was registered as 9L-LEQ and maintained the Delta seating configuration of 32F/270Y.
photo by Patric Borg
photo by SamChuiPhotos.com 
Former ship 718
Former ship 722
After service with Delta Airlines, it went straight to the desert for retirement - until Thai Sky Airlines came along with offer of new employment on flights linking Bangkok to Hong Kong, China and possibly Malaysia.
L1011 Thailand service to Hong Kong had been started successfully by Thai Sky on 19th March 2005.  Thai Sky's second destination to Kuala Lumpur was successfully launched since 21st May 2005. Similar to other budget airlines, Thai Sky does not any first or Business services. However, in terms of services, Thai Sky offers every passenger high quality customer service.  
Former ships 730, 731, & 735 with Air Rum
photo by Kok Chwee SIM
photo by Kok Chwee SIM
Former ship 723
TransAtlantic Airlines, based in New York, was preparing N723 in Victorville for its first flight since landing at Victorville in 2001. Ship 723 was the first former Delta L1011 being reactivated for revenue service across the Atlantic from New York's JFK International Airport. 
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 While many if not all of these aircraft are no longer operating, this webpage was preserved to show thier activity after flying with Delta