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Most aircraft retire from the Delta fleet and end a long life of flying. A few lucky planes move on to other carriers around the world and remain flying. This web page is dedicated to the aircraft "After Delta"
N515DA, N516DA, N517DA in Kingman AZ on April 7, 2003
N508DA, N511DA, N513DA in Victorville CA on April 8, 2003
Various aircraft being scrapped in Victorville CA on April 8, 2003
727, L1011, & DC-8 at Marana - Pinal Airpark

L1011-500 in service with YES of Portugal before the aircraft was completely painted.
Photographed in service in Indonesia
Flew as N405DA and seen here in Mexico. Note the blue paint over the widget and the black Delta nose.
ex: N528DA seen on a tech stop at Malta during the night. The aircraft arrived in Indonesia 2 days later. According to the crew, 20 more deliveries are expected. Part of the route was Mojave - Gander - SantaMaria(Azores) - Malta - Luxor(Egypt).
Five more stops were expected.  
photographed by Ricardo Morales
photographed by Jorge Rocafort
photographed by Andy Martin
photographed by Luis Goncalves 2001/2003
photographed by José Ramón Valero
727 photographed in Madrid Spain

April 23, 2003                                      May 1, 2003
photographed by Malcolm Bezzina
photographed by Kok Chwee SIM
photographed by Colin Parker
During a weeks span in Spain, the Delta livery is starting to be removed from the aircraft. Notice the red livery is no longer on the aircraft on the right.
Aerial Victorville photos from 727 flyby on April 8, 2003. A number of Delta L1011's and 727's still remain in storage as seen in the photos.   
photographed by Rob Sternisa
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